Solo 38 Mile Ride

……… well 37.52 miles to be exact but ask any cyclist or runner out there and they’ll tell you that you have to round the figure up to the nearest mile, it’s the unwritten rule!

Anyway what’s 0.48 miles between friends?

The solo ride came about as Gilly planned to head out at 9am as he was catching up for a pint with the boys going to Mallorca in the afternoon. The forecast was for freezing fog so I opted for a long lie and head out later when the sunnier climates were upon us.

What a lovely day it turned out to be, if not a little on the chilly side to start with. I headed out around midday after Gail got back from the shops. I did send a text round but no-one was free to join me so a solo ride it would be.

As things transpired several of the Warriors made it out that day, but on solo rides, with the exception of Gilly who headed out with the Cycling Club from Hamilton.

So there we have it, it was just me, myself and I….. ok that’s not technically true either as my newly purchased TomTom Bandit Action Camera would be accompanying me, recording the footage along the way.

Off I set on my solo adventure into the cold crisp afternoon, heading in the direction of Eaglesham Cross where the first test of the day would commence. The roads were fairly quiet, the air was fresh, I was cruising along at just under 30mph, with ease. I felt good, how long would it last I wondered?

Before long there she was, standing in front of me in all her glory, with the sun cresting over her shoulder. In one hand she is a beautiful sight, in the other not so. Not so when you’re sitting at the foot of her, waiting for the lights to change from red to green, knowing that for the next few miles despite being a thing a beauty, she’s going to cause you pain! Yes, I’d arrived at the foot of the Eaglesham Moors.

Today the pain was worth it, she looked stunning in the sun and reminded you of how beautiful Scotland can be.

Off I set to tackle this beautiful beast and was surprise at how kind and forgiving she was to me today. She must be going soft in her old age!

Top of the Eaglesham Moors - Stunning!
Top of the Eaglesham Moors – Stunning!

After a quick photo and a few seconds admiring the beautiful scenery I continued on my way onto the A77 then swung a right and headed into Stewarton. This is where the fun and games began as I was met by a headwind on my way out of Stewarton! It was at this point that it was decided to do quarter mile turns on the front….. though it appears that’s not too beneficial when it’s just yourself!

You’d have been proud of me Gilly, taking my turn on the front…….. the whole way!

All in all it was a great wee 38 mile run in lovely conditions for a change. Was pleased with my stats especially the 16.7mph average on a solo ride at this time of the season!

Some footage from the TomTom Bandit.