Solo Blast Over Ardochrig

Tuesday had come round yet again and I sat at work glazing out the window looking at the sunshine and longing for 7pm to arrive so I could slip into my lycra and head for the hills. Yes the sun was actually out, but 7pm was a long way off and the wind and rain would surely arrive by then as it usually does, would tonight be any different, probably not!

Staring angrily at the clock on my pc did little to speed it up so I had to make content with doing some work, well that’s what I get paid for I suppose. At last, elation as the big hand struck 12 and the little hand hovered over 6, it was time to pack up and head home for the day.

With my subscription to expired it was going to have to be a solo ride! I kitted up and toied with the idea of arm warmers as it was starting to get a little chilly but knowing the climbs that lay ahead for me I anticipated that I’d warm up very quickly so placed them in my jersey pocket! Ready to set off and the inevitable happens……. the clouds open and the rain comes pouring down. To be fair it only lasts a couple of minutes if that.

I’d opted for the Ardochrig route and with a press of the Garmin start button I was off.

I’m going to spare you the turn by turn, street by street recap of the ride, more so as I can’t be bothered writing them all down but you can see the exact route on the Garmin file below.

I felt very strong and knocked 18 secs of my accent of Ardochrig compared to last time so was happy with that. The rain stayed away, or I out-cycled it and I managed an average speed of 17.3mph which I’ll take any day of the week.

I’m starting to feel good on the bike again, went through a stage where something wasn’t quite right, I just didn’t feel at my best but couldn’t put a finger on why. With the Pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 110 mile Sportive just around the corner it’s all coming good at the right time.

Top of my To-Do List is to renew my subscription to