Spinfit Class In Blackpool

Being down at a Branch Union Meeting followed by a Conference from Tuesday to Friday this week and given that these things historically have involved very little sleep combined with lots of bevvy, I thought I’d better take my padded shorts along and try to do a little bit in their new gym facility. Two of my colleagues signed me up for a class at 6pm on Tuesday but our NCC meeting didn’t finish until 6.30pm so they went along themselves. They told me it was hard but good. Having pretty much gone as previous Conferences, I felt pretty tired and not at my best come 6pm on Thursday when they had again booked me in.
Thankfully I could make this one and joined the class of around 20 or so, which was to be led by a guy in his 20’s who certainly looked no stranger to the inside of a gym, unlike some of his newer pupils.
5 mins of warm up later and we were off, to some bumping music. He explained 4 different positions we would be using and talked us through the class, instructing us when to get out the saddle, stand up and pedal or hover over the saddle and pedal really slowly. I was really feeling it and was more than a little worried when he told us that we were doing well and were halfway through the class, only halfway I thought, oh shit. The peer pressure kept me going through the suffering I was experiencing and I dug in and kept spinning away. Over the piece we must have been out of the saddle for between 40 or 50% of the time. We then got into the sprinting tracks and the pain increased. After what felt like the longest and possibly the most painful 43 mins of my life, Mr ridiculously fit instructor advised us to take the resistance off the wheels and warm down. Ya dancer, made it. As the rest of the class climbed off, I almost fell of the bike. He thanked everyone with a “well done guys, great session”, took us through a series of stretches for our aching calves, quads and contracted hamstrings and I wobbled out the class on my jelly legs.

I honestly haven’t felt this since I first started cycling a few years ago on my old mountain bike and used to almost fall off it at my garage having climbed the hill home from cycling a few times round the Strathclyde Park loch. Inevitably my legs have been aching ever since, very sore yesterday but even worse today as is always the case. Thinking about this I may be suffering so much because I very rarely get out the saddle when cycling so I may have to make a point of doing so.
At the moment the word spinfit has been banned in our house, joining in again is a horrible thought but there is no doubt that your cycling would certainly benefit from attendance at the occasional class.
Had to refuse big Stu’s offer of a pedal today, as walking up or even worse, down the stairs today is murder. Heading out with Chris though and if he’s reading this, please be gentle with me tomorrow big chap. Anyone fancy joining us?