Stewarton and Back

With yesterday being the warm up that must mean that today was the main event! Legs still hurting from yesterday’s efforts but a good stretch and I’m good to go.

The route today was a special request from Stevie Haining as he’s on placement in Stewarton for the next two weeks and wanted to see how long it would take to cycle there. Stevie P and Chris arrived at my house and kitted up before setting off. Ally Menzies pulled out with a sore back and hip but should be fighting fit for next week as I prescribed Malt Whisky to him to ease the pain! Gilly was also absent as he was still a little sore from a recent spill.

Stevie P’s mate Kevin was meeting us at Jackton, well that was until the change in route which Stevie forgot to inform him of. Not to worry a quick phone call and he would be meeting us at the roundabout just past McDonalds.

As we left my street and down to the main junction we swung a right, looked back and Stevie was nowhere to be seen! Chris and I pulled into the bus stop and awaiting his arrival. Turns out he’d forgot his sunglasses and turned back for them! I’m not saying a thing as I did exactly the same thing yesterday as you can read in yesterdays blog.

Arriving at the bus stop past McDonalds we didn’t have long to wait for Kevin before heading off and meeting Stevie H who had headed over to meet us on route. With a peloton now numbering 5 we made our way to Stewarton. As we passed through Busby then into Clarkston, Stevie P was leading and we shouted to him that the left turn was approaching, to which he signaled to turn left, yet carried straight on! Lol

Pulling over again we waited till Stevie rejoined us before heading on. It was a long and upwards slog to Stewarton, into the wind funnily enough. We made it into Stewarton and my legs were feeling heavy on the climbs but not too bad to be fair.

Today’s task was done, Stevie now had an estimate of how long it would take to cycle to his placement so we turned round and headed back a slightly different route finding a lovely section of smooth road which we fired down at 30+ mph.

Stevie Potter was starting to struggle by this point and hit what us cyclists fear, the Bonk! It was going to be a long hard slog back home for him.

Leaving Stevie H to head back to Clarkston, we headed back home via Eaglesham rounding off a great wee pedal on a cracking day with 43.25 miles in the bank. Can’t complain with that on top of yesterday’s miles.

Some footage from today showing the lovely day it was, albeit a little chilly to start with, but quickly warmed up as the climbs came. It’s good to be back out on the bike!