Sun Midges & Punctures

Roll call for the usaul Wed pedal was myslef and Chris and possibly Ian, depending on the weather. Now some of you may be thinking how gay only going out on the bike if the weather is good, buy Ian had a good excuse. On Sunday he takes part in his first Iron Man in Nottingham so having trained 6 days a week for the past 8 months he wasn’t wanting to jeopardise things with only 4 days before the main event.

I text Chris around 5pm as when I looked out the office door I could only see 10 yards ahead of me due to the fog and the heavy rain, at this point it wasn’t looking good! Chris said he’d check the conditions once he’d got home to Hamilton and text me to confirm it was clear!

As I left work at 6pm I had the fog lights on front and rear as I headed over Cathkin Braes, as dropped into Carmunock the fog cleared completely and the sun came out!

I got a text from Ian saying that he couldn’t wimp out and that he’d be joining us for the usual Wed night pedal but would be taking it real slow.

I arrived home and got kitted up and Ian arrived shortly followed by Chris. We set off at a leisurely pace and headed the usual route passed Langlands and up over Ardochrig which I manged fairly comfortably. As we cleared Ardochring and dropped over the back Ian took a hard impact in a pot hole and as we turned the corner he informed us that he had a puncture. A puncture is usually not a major issue but more a pain in the arse but as Ian was running Tubular tyres it now became a major issue!

Ian pumped some air into the tyre which looked like it would hold and decided to turn back insisting that Chris and I continue on our way.

Chris and I continued on our way getting eaten by the midges who were loving the warm damp conditions. We headed through Strathaven as usual and instead of turning left onto Strathaven road we decided to cross staright over and drop through Chapelton adding another 3 miles to the route.

Yet another enjoyable pedal for Chris and I but the same can’t be said for Ian who had to cut his short. Better getting the puncture now than on the day of his Iron Man!

One thing I must say, and I don’t know how he does it but Ian managed to bring the sun out for us again! It was foggy with heavy rain before we set out but Ian work his magic yet again! We did get worried when he turned back as we thought that he’d take the sun away with him! Thankfully despite some rather large grey clouds following us we managed to out ride the rain!

23.94 miles recorded (actually 25 miles as I forgot to start my computer until a mile into the route!) with an average speed of 15.2mph and average cadence of 80rpm.

I felt good tonight and really enjoyed the pedal.