Sunday 22nd January 2012

With a top of the league table clash scheduled for a 2pm kickoff in at Dennistoun, Andy heading out with the CC for 40 odd miles (too long), Ricky, Ally and Davy meeting at midday (too late) and Stu and Scotty setting off at 10am (too noisy), only kidding Spartacus, it was the Cheech and Chong show kicking off at 9am aka Alan McKee and myself. With Alan on his Allan I had planned a wee climbing session so we headed off down the hill. Ya beauty. A gentle warm up was enjoyed for a change as we headed along Carlisle Road through Fernegair and onto the Clydeside Road.

Alan set off at a good pace which I eventually advised he curtail a little, knowing what was to come. Shortly after Garrion Bridge came a right turn and the first climb of the day in the shape of Manse Brae. Alan was quickly out of the saddle and doing his finest Contador impression as he danced up the hill. Again, knowing what was to come I stayed in the saddle and spun my way up. There is a false summit about halfway up the brae so I waited for the inevitable reaction as Alan reached it and wasn’t disappointed when I heard the curse of “FFS”. We finally crested and rolled over to the descent into Stonehouse.

Given Alan’s two previous spectacularly abrupt dismounts on recent outings, I was hoping that he wasn’t going to make it a hattrick as I had been given precise instructions of “Do Not Resuscitate”  from his wife Jo. Her take on it was that it just might be third time lucky (for her) and that she didn’t want me turning up at the door to inform her that Alan had broken a bone, it was to “be a fatality or nothing”. I advised Alan to employ a food taster and figured his performance on Manse Brae to be down to Jo getting her arsenic and amphetamines mixed up.

We dropped down past the Alexander Hamilton Memorial park and climbed the couple of hills towards the east side of Quarter, before climbing up to Strathaven Road, along Muttonhole Road and home.

Stats. 22.2 miles – 1 hour 41 mins Average speed 13.1 mph. We were happy with the average considering that it was a bit windy and we covered a few small hills (350 metres worth). Alan said he enjoyed it apart from Manse Brae. Good wee pedal and to top off a cracking day the boys won 3-2 to go top of the league, with a last minute winner, having played with 10 men since the 60th minute  after our right back was sent off.

30 mins on the turbo trainer last night whilst watching Warren Miller’s snowboarding and skiing film on Sky Sports. Only 54 sleeps till Austria!

Planning a recce of the sportif route this Saturday if anyone is interested. We are hoping to complete the Loch Katrine loop which includes the Duke’s pass and clocks in at about 30 miles. Hope to see as many of you as possible.

Cheers Gilly.

P.S. Just read Stu’s blog. We’re continuing to do well in our quest to gather all the thorns in South Lanarkshire in our tyres lads.