Stu Russell
DC Stu, the guy behind the Whitelee Warriors.
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Callum Russell
Team Rider
Youngest Member and future of the Whitelee Warriors.
Dougie Gilligan
Team Rider
Joined the Royal Albert but still a Warrior at heart.
Ian Hockey
Team Rider
Iron Man of the team and owner of Big Bobble Hats.
John Stewart
Team Rider
Team acrobat often seen flying over the handlebars.
Robbie Renfrew
Team Rider
DC Stu's Jagerbomb drinking partner.
Stevie Potter
Team Rider
Official Team Puncture Repair guy.
Stevie Haining
Team Rider
Teacher by day, cyclist and marathon runner by night.
Davie Mullin
Accommodation Officer
Davie is the man in charge of sorting out digs.
Chris Hunter
Team Rider
Chris can be found on his bike or in China Buffet King!
Shaun McLauchlan
Team Rider
Got the Boy Band look without the voice!
Willie Rosling
Team Rider
Resident Fire Fighter with massive thighs!
Ally Menzies
Team Rider
Partial to the odd swally so fits in well.
Andy Taylor
Team Rider
Has learnt not to leave his garage open when in it.
Hugh Whitelaw
Team Rider
Work colleague of Shaun and member of Whitelee Warriors.
Ally Russell
Team Rider
Nicknamed ASBO for a very good reason! Lol
Ricky Stewart
Team Rider
Fronts up the MTB side of the Whitelee Warriors.
George Bailey
Team Rider
Latest member to join the Warriors already raising £760!