Testing My Legs & Lungs

The purpose of today’s ride was to test my legs and lungs as it’s been a while since my tyres actually touched the tarmac. In fact it’s been over a month, 3rd Jan to be precise, since I’ve been out on the bike, mainly due to the snow and ice which has plagued Bonnie Scotland.

I’ve been off the bike and away from the gym for the past week due to this bug that’s doing the rounds so today’s ride was always going to hurt. With most people heading out tomorrow I sneaked in a wee practice run to see how the legs and lungs would cope, my asthma has been playing up with this bug but appears to have settled back down, time to test the water.

Having had a bike fit, resulting in some minor adjustments to the bike at work the other day I fitted my new pedal spacers to see if they sorted out an issue I was having. Once they were fitted I head off, it was a little chilly but dry, tho it did threaten drizzle.

My planned route today was going to be an old favourite, a route that used to be the regular Wednesday night run….. up over Ardochrig. As I left the house and hit around the 1 mile mark I realised that I’d let my pump in the house, not a problem I initially thought as I had my CO2 on me…….. ah wait a minute I need the pump to disperse the CO2! Would this schoolboy error come back to haunt me?…….. ***SPOLIER ALERT*** For all those who can’t be bothered reading the whole blog……. no it didn’t come back to haunt me! Thankfully!

I was feeling a little sluggish as I made my way to Langlands Industrial estate and out the back towards the main climb of the day, Ardochrig. By now my legs are aching at every little incline and I feel as tho I’m slowing down. I’ve now reached the start of the climb at Ardochrig and I’m hurting with every push…….. I’m sure I’ve just seen a snail pass me! Push and Pull, pant pant, push and pull, pant pant…….. I eventually make it to the summit of Ardochrig and there’s a bright light, a light that’s brighter than normal…….. no not the end of the tunnel or the game over light, it’s just the sun, but why so bright? Ah I now realise why the light’s so bright as I pass a cyclist at the top sorting his sunglasses…….. I’d forgotten to put mine on! Doh School boy error number two!

Sorry about the camera angle in the video below of me climbing Ardochrig.

To be fair the rest of the ride went well, the pain in the legs started to ease and I felt a little stronger and pushed on round the rest of the route back home.

It was a tough ride today but that was to be expected, but that aside I really enjoyed getting back out on the road. Sometimes you don’t realise how much you miss it until you get back out there, if you know what I mean.

So today’s ride was about school boy errors, and these continued as I’m currently downloading the video footage from the Garmin and have discovered that the camera was pointing at the tarmac for the whole ride!

Hopefully my legs will have recovered for tomorrow’s ride. So far the peloton sits at 6 which will make for a good ride. Keep an eye out, I may publish a blog about tomorrow’s ride if it’s interesting enough.