Thank You Keith Berryman


We’ve done it!…….. we’ve reached our target for 2016 of £2,500.00 for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

A huge Thank You has to go to Keith Berryman who donated £120.00 to ensure we met our target.

On Monday I put a post out on our Facebook and Twitter pages saying that we were only £120.14 short from meeting our target this year and if anyone had a spare £1.00 it would be much appreciated as every pound makes a difference and quickly builds up. I left it at that and headed to bed.

The following morning I had a notification on my mobile that a donation had been made to our Just Giving Page. On logging in I was overwhelmed to discover that someone had made a donation of £120.00!!!……. that person was Keith Berryman.

Racking my brains, the few cells that I have left, I desperately tried to workout if I knew this gentleman, turned out I didn’t so I asked the other members of the Warriors but no-one seemed to know who he was. Checking back at our Just Giving account I noticed that there was an email address against the donation in the backend of the site so I decided to email Keith to personally offer my thanks and to try and establish whether I knew him or if he knew any of our group. Here was his reply:

Hi, Stu.

We don’t know each other.

Your appeal was tweeted by someone I follow, and you were so close to your target and I just wanted to help a little.

All the best for the future, Keith

Wow!!!! A complete stranger dug deep into his pocket and donated £120.00 to our fundraising for the Beatson Cancer Charity as we were so close to reaching our target!!! I was, and am still, overwhelmed by the generosity of this complete stranger. Just goes to show there are still some good people out there!

If you’re reading this Keith, I would once again like to offer my thanks personally and on behalf of the Whitelee Warriors and the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Our Just Giving Page will remain open for a couple more weeks before the official cheque presentation with the Beatson Cancer Charity, so if you’d like to make a donation, no matter how small, then please do so. It all very quickly builds up and makes a huge difference to those fighting cancer and their loved ones.