The Cycle Jersey, Our New Kit Supplier

After the horrendous experience with our last kit supplier it was time to look for a new company. I wanted to find a company that were reliable and produced high quality kit at a price that didn’t break the bank…… oh, and were UK based!

I had my heart set on going with Pro Vision clothing as I have the 3LC kit which is produced by them and is of the high quality I’m looking for. That was until Ian Hockey threw a spanner in the works, and I’m glad he did.

tcj-featuredIan had been approached by Brian from The Cycle Jersey regarding working together with Big Bobble Hats and Ian suggested I also speak with him as he felt he had a lot to offer us.

I’m not going to lie here, I was dubious and skeptical about going with a company I hadn’t heard of after the last experience. I really couldn’t afford to be let down with the kit again! Don’t think the boys would’ve forgiven me either! Lol

I sent an email off to Brian with numerous questions and concerns and received a very quick and detailed response which I was impressed with. Brian invited Ian and myself to his factory to see the place and to see the process of custom kit. All kit is made in their factory in Falkirk with the exception of the stitching which is outsourced to a company just down the road, but more importantly, still in the UK.

After 2hrs I left buzzing and armed with samples to show the boys. In the end the decision to use The Cycle Jersey as our kit supplier was an easy one. Brian had made us both very welcome and alleviated the concerns I had.

I’ll keep you all up to date with a series of blogs during the process. If anyone is looking for custom kit for their riding group I’d give these guys a serious consideration.

Looking forward to working with Brian on our new kit.