The Dark Nights Close In!

Wednesday arrived again and we headed out for our usual Wednesday night 23 mile pedal.

The roll call this week consisted of just myself, Ally and Stevie Potter. We met at mine at the usual time with Stevie bringing his winter stead decorated to the nines with all forms of flashing lights, including indicators!

As we were leaving my youngest Jamie (2 yrs old) grabbed his bike and wanted to join us! Lol

Jamie and his Bike
Junior Division of the Whitelee Warriors!

It was a fairly pleasant evening, dry with just a little chill in the air so I opted fpr the shorts, jersey and gilet with Stevie opting for leggings, long sleeve jersey and waterproof jacket……. did he know something I didn’t?

Anyway, we set off and only got half way up my street when Ally realised that there was quite a bit of fresh air around his dome……… he’d forgotten to put his helmet on! We pulled in while Ally did a u-turn and collected his helmet from my garden and rejoined us.

We headed off towards Langlands and started the climb of Ardochrig. I really felt good and strong and boy did I tame the beast that is Ardochrig! I powered up it for a change which was nice!

A mile after Ardochrig I had to ditch the glasses as they kept steaming up rendering me blind!

30 minutes into the ride and the light had gone so we were onto our lights and Stevie’s floodlights! Between us we had plenty of light, with drivers pulling into ditches as we approached corners as they thought we were a tractor or larger vehicle giving off that much light!

Just as we came into Strathaven the rain started! We rounded the back of Strathaven Park, up the hill and onto the back roads before joining the Strathaven Road. I took the lead on the Strathaven Road as I had forgotten to attach my rear light. We hit an average of 18 – 23 mph, mainly just to get off that road and back to the relative safety of the back roads! The Strathaven Road is a bad road at the best of times but it’s even more daunting in the dark!

As the rain got heavier, the colder it got. We finished off the usual route going through Leaburn, Auldhouse and back into East Kilbride.

Great wee ride and I felt strong, reaping the benefits of my 113 miles a couple of weeks ago! The pace was a little slower than usual but that was mainly down to the dark night and taking it easier due to that factor.

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