The Morning After the Stella the Night Before!

Usual Saturday pedal was scrapped due to us taking the boys to the science centre, cue Ian (Iron Man to be) Hockey inviting me out on one of his training rides. He was planning on a 40-50 miler at a relaxed pace in preparation for his big event on Sunday coming. I duly accepted his kind offer, allowing him to put me through my paces and bring pain to my legs!

So that was that Ian turned up at my door at 9am on Sunday morning bright and breezy while I was as not bright and not very breezy having polished off a few Stella the night before!

Anyway we set off for the pre-determined route Ian had planned out which happened to be a route I’ve done on many occasions but not for a while I may add. The route was the Darvel route.

We headed up to Langlands Industrial estate and up into the back roads climbing Ardochrig which was a challenge on this occasion, mainly due to the Stella from the previous night and my two wheetabix consumed only 40 mins earlier! Made it to the top tho!

From there we headed down the back of Ardochrig and swung a right and headed into Darvel, onto the A71 and through Loudoun and Moscow.  This was the double climb that I remembered well as it’s a tough climb and you always forget about the second hill straight after the first! As I said it’s been a while since I’ve done this route and found this double climb fairly straight forward!

We continued through Waterside, onto the A77 then turned right onto the Eaglesham Moors, into Jackton and left Ian just after Hairmyres and headed back home.

There was one wee ropey incident when Ian and I came round a bend at a half decent pace to be met with a road surface that even a mountain bike would have struggled with! Twice we both nearly had an appointment with the tarmac! First was due to the loose stones sending us into a synchronised bike wobble. Having just regained composure from that Ian’s bike suddenly took another right to left wobble as he hit a clump of sand/mud followed by my bike doing the same, but some how we both managed to stay upright! I didn’t get away scot free as I ended up getting a snake bite puncture!