The Spanish Inquisition

Having just returned from Sunny…. *Cough *Cough Spain, it was time to get back on the bike.

Myself, my twin and 5 of our mates headed to Spain to celebrate, or drown our sorrows at turning 40! Ok myself and Asbo, my twin, turned 40 last month, Ricky turned 40 last year, Davie turns 40 in 2 years and the rest this year!

So to cut a long story short we arrived in Spain on Friday night around 10pm and got picked up at 8.55am on the Monday morning. Within those few days we had 2 days of torrential rain and wind, one day of sunshine and a day of……. well it started sunny but we were back in the airport before the day really started so can’t really comment.

Anyway I’m not going to go any further into what happened in Spain as “What Happens In Spain Stays In Spain”……… that’s not me trying to be secretive, it’s just cause I can’t remember what happened!

So with Spain out the way it was time to concentrate getting back on the bike, my only problem was I’m still off work till Sunday! So Tuesday night resorted in a wee bit of nostalgia and a bottle of Orange Mad Dog was the tipple of the evening. Ideal preparation for the 40 miler I had planned the following day……. Not!

With no-one available, or admitting to be available it was a solo ride. The first 20 miles went well as I headed over the infamous Eaglesham Moors, swinging a left onto the A77 followed by another left heading towards Darvel and Newmilns. As I dropped down past Louden Academy and hit the 20 mile mark (half way) all was going well, a decent pace was being registered on my Garmin. That was all to change as I took a left to head towards Darvel and Newmilns……. bang I was straight into a head wind!

The following 20 miles were tough as I battled with the headwind but I got there in the end and registered a 40 miler after a 4 day bender in Spain……. chuffed with that!

It was a great day weather wise, bib-shorts, jersey and gilet were the order of the day. Thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the bike without having 3 layers of clothes on!