The Virgin Blog. Saturday 10th December 2011.

Under pressure from Big Stu I felt compelled to pop my blogging cherry and commit to words last Saturday’s social cycle.

It was a later than usual start, 10am meet, when Chris Hunter and I met Alan McKee and headed up over the hill (many would say that some of us are) to meet up with Ricky and The Chunk for a wee Saturday morning pedal. It was definitely a cold one with everyone going for the leggings except for Chris who made it through all of last year in shorts!! Hardcore. I was feeling quite good in the warm up hill despite the previous evening’s over indulgence in the China Cottage and the Rowantree. Too many salt n’ pepper wings and malt whiskies enjoyed but at least the snibbies have been chapped on the head for about a month now which makes a big difference. As usual Chris and Alan were quite happy to let me act as windbreaker. Thanks again lads.

We met the lads at 10.20 and headed off as it was too cold to hang about blethering. All was going well until we climbed up towards Langlands Golf Course where we were confronted by completely iced up and crusty snow covered roads. The noise of 5 bottles crashing was defeaning. After a quick debate it was agreed that we should carry on towards Auldhouse and see if the underwheel conditions improved. They eventually did a few very slowly covered miles later but not before several saddles were chewed to pieces by their owners arse cheeks. Serious squeaky bum time.

We were all delighted when the roads cleared and were just wet. We headed off towards Chapleton and had managed to get our average speed up to about 3 miles an hour when Chris got a rear wheel puncture.

How many freezing cold cyclists do you think it would take to fix a puncture? Well, 4 of them weren’t doing very well. I don’t think the cold conditions helped with the tyre removal, as it didn’t seem too keen to help with the repair process. To be fair 2 or 3 were busy while others were just milling about getting cold and offering initially free financial advice. Ricky and Chris eventually took over and got it fixed while others considered remortgaging and we eventually headed off to heat up again. Things got a little icy again in places around Chapleton but all in all it wasn’t too bad after the initial Cresta Run around Langlands.

The ice took it’s toll on the days stats, with 15 miles completed in an hour and three quarters. Well done lads in braving the elements but think I’ll try to give icy conditions a miss in future, toooo scary. The post cycle bath was special, although it had to be cut short to watch the Teds beating Hibs on the box.

Got the turbo trainer out last night and whiled away a wee hour in front of the Chelsea V Man City game. Quite impressed with the Tacx unit and it wasn’t as noisy as I had thought it would be.

Hope the weather picks up and we can all get out this Sunday. Cheers Gilly.