The Warriors Battle Gale Force Winds, Hail & Snow!

Saturday saw myself, Ricky, ASBO, Gilly & Alan head out on the bikes for a 47mile cycle

The day started for me when my alarm went off at 7.30am, we weren’t meeting until 9.30 but I wanted to get some breakfast into me well before we headed out.

Ricky and ASBO arrived at mine at 9.30am, ASBO dressed in shorts and having no jacket! Very brave considering it was freezing and the forecast was for snow! It was however a nice looking morning, albeit a tad chilly, there was no sign of the suggested snow.

We set off and head across the Hamilton bridge and started the steep climb to Muttonhole Raod. Nothing like a steep accent less than 1 mile into your cycle as a warm up! The first signs of Ricky struggling were displayed during the climb as he found it tough. Bear in mind he was ill all last week but didn’t want to miss another week on the bike so decided to give it a bash. Anyway we all get to the top of the accent and continue on to the start of Muttonhole Road where we were shortly joined by Gilly and Alan.

After the formalities of the morning handshakes we headed off on the pre-defined route Gilly had planned out the night before. We continued along to the end of Muttonhole Road and turned right onto Strathaven road, then swung a right onto Burn Road, then continued onto the A726 swinging a left onto Millwell Road. I psyched myself up for the climb up Ardochrig but was surprised when we passed by the turning, disappointed but pleased at the same time if you know what I mean.

Next we turned onto Strathaven Road and into Eaglesham, taken a right turn onto Holehouse road where we had a nice fast but steep decent, great hill for descending but not for climbing, but we weren’t climbing it………. or were we! When we arrived at the bottom of the road where we cross a small no sided bridge the river stream thing that passes under it had burst and was flowing over the top of the bridge. After accessing the situation for sometime we decided top turn back as it didn’t look safe to cross and best case scenario we would have been left with wet feet! Not that I was worrying about that as I was wearing my Sealskinz waterproof socks. So we then turned back and made our way up that rather steep hill that we had just descended! It was at this point that Ricky decided to call it a day and headed off home on his own.

Once we reached the top of the road we took a right onto the B767 Eaglesham then swung left onto Humbie Road. After travelling the many miles that is Hunbie Road we turned onto Mearns Road then took a left onto Eaglesham Road.

We were on the cycle path for this stretch buy we were exposed to the elements! We were getting battered by the cross winds and really had to concentrate on staying on the bikes. We then turn onto the A77 and the winds get stronger. We arrive at the turn off for the Eaglesham Moors and Gilly suggestes that we continue down a further 4 miles to Fenwick and find a wee cafe to refuel. We decided to go with Gilly’s suggestion and nominated Alan and ASBO tom pay for the snack as Gilly and I had come out without our wallet! We arrive in Fenwick at reach the end of the village without finding a cafe. C’mon Fenwick get with the times and get a cafe! We then turned back and started to head back towards the Eaglesham Moors, this is when the fun and games really started!

As we were leaving Fenwick we spotted the very grey clouds which weren’t there seconds earlier and feared the worst. Seconds later stuck out in the open with no shelter for miles we started getting pelted with hailstones! Man those things hurt pelting off your face, bear in mind ASBO only had his shorts on! So there we were trying to cover our faces with one and then the gusts of wind would come and nearly knock us off the bike we were trying to steady with the other hand! Visibility was very poor and the hailstones started to lie and I began panic a bit thinking we were in bother. After what seemed like a very long 5 minutes the hailstones eased and then the snow appeared!

We hit the 35+ mile mark and I really started to panic as Gilly hadn’t taken any pictures yet which made me think, SHIT I’m actually gonna have to read one of his blogs as there’s no pictures! Thankfully he spotted the Whitelee Farm sign and thought it would be good to get a picture of the Whitelee Warriors under it as this is where we got our name from. Then came what can only be described as a comical moment as Alan took Gilly’s phone to allow Gilly to be in one of the photos. First he has the lens pointing at himself and shouts out that he can’nt see anything! After what seemed like a lifetime of us explaining that he had the phone round the wrong way, and Alan totaling it 45 degrees, then 90 degrees he realised it was facing the wrong way and flipped it round. Again he shouted out that he couldn’t see anything, until I pointed out that he had his gloved thumb covering the lens! We’ll put it down to brain freeze Alan!

After the comical photo shoot we then head off to Eaglesham Moors climbing the 3 rather steep hills and decend into Eaglesham and through Jacton into East Kilbride, up Greenhills road, turning into Stroud Road and up High Common Road where we stopped at the bus stop to saying our well dones and good byes!

Gilly and Alan headed off down High Common Road then back up and over the Hamilton Bridge then back home. ASBO and I turned left then right into my street and clocked out on an impressive 47.39 miles!

Was very pleased with the distance and average speed of 12.7mph considering the high winds, hail and snow!

Very impressed with ASBO as he was on his hardtail with knobbly tyres, oh and his shorts! A great performance by all concerned and all looking in good shape for 8 weeks time!