The Warriors Head to Ayrshire

This Sunday four representatives of the Whitelee Warriors, Stu Russell, Dougie Gilligan, Chris Hunter and Stevie Potter make the trip through to Ayrshire to tackle the Graeme Obree Sportive. Last year Stu, Gilly and Chris tackled the 48 miles route, but this year we have stepped up our game and entered the 68 mile route.

After a good run last year in the 48 miles, with the exception of Chris’s punctures, we had originally decided to attempt the 48 mile route again as we felt being much fitter this year we could finish high up in the field. That was until other members of the Warriors wanted to do the 68 mile route and so that was it decided, the 68 mile route was entered. Funny thing is that those who pushed for the 68 mile route haven’t entered!

Forecast for Sunday is cloudy with rainy spells, but who knows what it will actually turn out to be like on the day.

Looks like it’s going to be a challenging day with 5431 feet of climbing including a 5 mile climb which reaches a gradient of 15.2% at one point!


Really looking forward to tackling this event on Sunday as I’m feeling strong at the moment and am much fitter now than I was this time last year.

Gilly has got over his spell of illness which he just couldn’t seem to shift and is looking very strong too. Chris has just had his trusty stead in for a service and fitted new Mavic wheels and new pedals and racked up 3 PB’s on his first outing, knocking 1 min off one of the climbs! Stevie is getting stronger by the day and is nearly back to full fitness after his nasty car crash, and is climbing very well again!

With the 4 of us in great shape it’s going to be a really good day. The only issue within the team is the Froome – Wiggins type rivalry between Chris and Gilly. Don’t think Gilly has got over Chris ditching the feedstations at the Etape Caledonia!

I’ll get a report written up on the Graeme Obree Sportive after the event to check back to read how we got on.