The Warriors Visit Spice

At last I’d managed to get a night that suited everyone to head down to one of our new sponsors, Spice in the village, for a meal and a few……… ok quite a few pints!

So off to work I went yesterday morning looking forward to the evenings indulgences! Tock Tick, Tock Tick, I swear the bloody clock at work was going backwards! Eventually the end of the day and the working week arrived so I headed home to get my glam rags on and do my hair! 10 seconds later I was ready to go!

I was the first to arrive at the Monty, we were meeting there for a wee light refreshment before heading to Spice where our table was booked for 8:30pm. Slowly but surely the rest of the boys arrived and we ended up with 13 of us as Mr Haining had too much on his plate, not his dinner plate, and Mr Mullin had been floored with the some virus. I really thought Davie was in a bad way as he doesn’t like to miss an Indian, or a Chinese, or a Italian, or a Burger King, or a McDonalds, or a KFC!

We headed round to Spice for 8:30pm and were warmly greeted as per usual by the owner Abby. This guy really knows how to make you welcome!

We then ate like kings with the largest selection of starters I’ve ever seen on one table!

Last Supper (You know what I’m talking about Gilly!)

After the meal our other sponsors Big Bobble Hats presented us with our Team Issue Big Bobble Hats!

Looks Like a Smurfs Convention!

We were then approached by a couple from the table next to us who donated £20 towards our kit then another man approached as he was leaving and donated £40!

Abby then approached me saying that one of his pals who was sitting at another table in the restaurant wanted to donate £200! I went over to meet Stewart Brown from All Secure Limited and to thank him for his kind and very generous offer. I sat down and explained to him that we were getting custom kit printed up and that we had raised £2,661 for Friends of the Beatson back in April and were doing the Scottish Bike Show Sportive (65 miles) again in May, that’s why were getting the kit printed up. At this he said he was withdrawing his original offer and increased it to £250!

Thanking Stewart Brown from All Secure Limited

After the meal was finished we headed through to the lounge area and was talked into doing the Gangnam style dance for everyone! That must have been a sight 13 smurf look alikes bouncing up and down! I don’t even know the dance but we were helped by an all too willing member of staff who guided us through it! I think it’s his party piece!

At this point some of the group headed home while a few of us stayed for a couple, I use that term lightly, more drinks. Oh and due to the “couple more drinks” we all ended up doing karaoke!

Chris & Shaun

Chris and Shaun took center stage but failed to get any women’s underwear thrown at them!

Think we have the making of a Boy Band here!

Next the lot us who were left took to the mic! I really believe we have the makings of a Boy Band Here! The Bobble Hat Boys!

I’m saying nothing until I’ve spoken to my lawyer!

Next up was Gilly & myself with the old classic Penny Arcade! Yeah Yeah I know what you’re saying, bet it was YMCA we were singing! No it wasn’t and that’s only because some bugger sang it before us! Just as well the place was empty at this point or we would have emptied it with our singing!

We eventually took the hint as all the bar staff were sitting around waiting to lock up, and set off into the ice cold arctic temperatures! Chris, Gilly and Shaun got a taxi home while Ally and I opted to walk it with our new Big Bobble hats to keep us warm! Bet a few folk on their way home from the dancing thought their drink had been spiked when the saw two smurf like characters weaving their way up the road!

Ally and I arrived back at mine and did what you always do when you’ve come home from a night out well oiled……. we cracked open another couple of Stella’s!

Think it was about 7:30 when I eventually got up today…….. at NIGHT! Fair to say I was a tad on the rough side and the green tinge to my face gave it all away!

All in all it was a fantastic night, great food, great company, great hosts and got some new kit sponsors!