Today I Rode My Bike, Outside!

Yip you read that correct……. I actually rode my bike outside today for the first time in what seems like months! Give me a sec and I’ll just check exactly how long ago it was………. Ooofffffttttttt September the 28th was the last time I rode on a real road! I knew it was a while ago but didn’t realise how long ago!

I have however been working hard using my turbo trainer and Zwift, an online training platform, so I’ve not been lazy. The recent bout of snow and ice has forced the training indoors. Zwift is a great platform but one thing I have found is that it makes it easy for you to just ride indoors instead of going outside. I used to ride in all weather, with the exception of snow and ice, but now if it looks miserable outside, which to be fair it usually does, I just jump on Zwift in the warmth and comfort of my livingroom!

There’s a cloud in the sky, looks like it could rain today…… better play it safe and Zwift

Woke up this morning and Gail was away early to get her haircut and the boys had stayed at my mum and dad’s overnight so I thought about heading out on the bike but a quick look out the window and I opted for the warmth and comfort of my livingroom with Zwift! This time it was wild outside, the rain was battering down and there appeared to be a strong wind present. Anyway I rattled out 20 miles on the turbo and headed down to my mum and dad’s to get my lunch and collect the boys.

As the day went on the weather picked up, well when I say picked up I mean the rain stopped and the winds died down a little. I gave myself a swift kick up the backside, got kitted up in my Whitelee Warriors kit, proudly wearing the logo of the Beatson Cancer Charity on my sleeve, literally, and headed out into the big bad world.

With 20 miles already in the legs from this morning and with not much daylight left I opted for a quick blast. I set out with no route planned, I just wanted to get out and ride my bike on the tarmac and made the route up as I went along. I stopped off at Robbie’s to see if he was in……. the lights were on but there was nobody home! Now I wasn’t being nasty, there was literally no-one home, despite both cars being in the driveway. I gave Robbie a call to discover he was at work and had got a lift in from a colleague…….. either that Robbie and Mrs Robbie were both hiding behind the couch so I couldn’t see them thru the window! Lol

With rejection fresh in my head I set off again on my mystery tour and finished up with 12.22 miles, 17.5mph ave speed and 4 pb’s! Wasn’t expecting any pb’s but was happy all the same! I really did enjoy getting back outdoors, cycling along letting the wind flow through my hair! Zwift is good, but there isn’t anything quite like the real thing!

That’s me officially signed up for the Evans Cycles Callander Road Sportive, 87 mile route on the 7th April so it’s time to start getting more real road miles in.

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