Tough Solo Ride

Planned on heading out on the bike like I usually do on a Wed night and tried to rope some of the usual or not so usual suspects into it. Gilly and Chris had opted to head out back of 4pm, not sure if they made it out as haven’t heard from them or seen any ride data but I’m sure they would’ve been out.

So that left Ian, Willie and myself but due to my car being in the garage to get the brakes checked there was a change of plan. Ian and Willie were heading out about 6pm and were going to meet me around 7pm but with me not knowing how long it would take to get my car, especially considering last time Arnold Clark managed to lose both sets of my keys, I told them just to do their own thing and I would head out for a blast when I got home.

Ironically I made it home and out just before 7pm so could’ve met up with them but hey ho such is life! Lol

I decided to shock the body and move move away from the usual Wed night route which I’m sure you’ll all know by now is the StuTape, and opted for the old Wed night, up over Ardochrig.

Heading out I was treated to a rare sight, no rain! Although the lack of rain was made up with a strong headwind! It was a long hard slog into the headwind but an enjoyable ride all the same, except the constant threat of cramp from my left calf.

Managed to record a 17mph average which I was pleased with considering the strong winds and the fact it was a solo ride.

Next event on the calendar for me is the Pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 110 mile route. Was humming and hawing about doing this again as I’ve done it the past 2 years but it a way of getting more Sponsorship for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

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