Triple Climb With Chris

4th March 2015
Bowing to DS Stu’s constant pressure I felt compelled, nay bullied, into returning to the production of a blog.
Having made arrangements with Stu and Stevie H to head out this evening for a few miles, I looked out the window this morning, saw what a beautiful day it was and thought I’d give Chris a phone to see if he fancied getting a few miles in.
The big man, ex-pro fitba player that he is, and still partial to a wee nap during the day had decided to go back to his pit after the school run (old habits and all that). Anyway, I left a message and he got back to me to say why not. We discussed options, how exposed we would be to the wind if we headed South towards Chapelton and decided to head for a few loops of the Strathclyde Park route that we did so eventfully in the dark a couple of weeks ago (think puncture and pothole).
We met outside and Chris persuaded me to change the plans and do a “Triple Climb”, only our second one of the year, so we headed towards the bottom of the dreaded Sydes Brae (1.5 miles at an average of 5% which tops out at 13%)

We weren’t long in establishing that the wind direction would be kind of against and across us on every climb just to make a tough course a little bit tougher. My thighs were feeling the first climb following Monday night’s body pump class but Chris had one on Tuesday morning so if anything I should be fresher. I turned the corner at the top a few seconds before Chris and although we started roughly around the same time Garmin had Chris’ time 0.9 of a second quicker than myself. I don’t quite understand that one but hey ho.

We dropped down into Hamilton and then started on the Strathaven Rd climb. This one is around 2.5 miles long but with a more gradual gradient of 3.4%. Again the wind did its best to hamper our progress Southwards and upwards and it was nice to turn onto the flat of Muttonhole Rd. Surprisingly on viewing the Garmin file we had both managed to set PB’s on this climb. Happy days.

After a minute or two to catch our breath we headed to the bottom of Sherry Drive, 1.3 miles at 5.3% average. This climb is actually steeper than Sydes, hitting 14%. We made it to the top pretty much together with Chris joking that he felt sick. We then only had the block headwind of Muttonhole Rd to negotiate and the downhill drop to get home.

All in all a worthwhile wee pedal and relatively uneventful with our fellow road users all driving admirably for a change, so we’ll done you guys. It ended up that Stu called off from tonight and Stevie H is feeling a little below par. Nice to get a PB so early in the season, although I am questioning whether it’s 100% accurate.