Tue Night Blast

With the Graeme Obree Sportive out the way it was time to get back out on the bike and tonight looked like a sizable peloton untill call offs dropped the number down to four.

I’m in the middle of writing the blog post for the Graeme Obree Sportive so don’t worry it will be up soon.

Gilly and Chris decided to head out earlier, John pulled out and Ian’s neighbour, still recovering from a broken arm as a result of coming off his bike meant the peloton had shrunk.

Arriving home from work I kitted up and headed to Jackton to meet up with Ian, Haining and Ian’s other neighbour Robbie. As thing transpired Robbie and my paths had already crossed, not in his professional role I hasten to add, he’d been in the shop getting a bike fit some time ago.

Ian was the route master for the day and as we started it looked like the StuTape would be the order of the night. Turns out that was not the case, it was more an abbreviated StuTape, and a very enjoyable route at that.

I felt strong and powered on up the Eaglesham climb then the Moors with Robbie keeping pace on his first outing with the Whitelee Warriors.

Hitting a decent pace the whole route Robbie started to feel it a little and I offered him a gel which quickly rectified the problem and gave him a new lease of life.

As we left Newton Mearns and made our approach to Easglesham we hit one of the climbs and as I was feeling strong I decided to stay in the big ring and got out the saddle to push on. At this point my chain jammed and sent me hurtling into the grass verge and bushes to my left, narrowly missing the wall with my head. I think it was Karma for Gilly and Stevie after the Graeme Obree. You’ll find out the full story once I finish and publish the blog.

No damage done, except to my ego! Lol I picked myself up and removed the tufts of grass and mud which had wedged itself in my shoes, pedal and bike and like a true champion jumped back on my bike and carried on! Ok it wasn’t a Contador fall and break your leg job but more a couple of little scrapes to my knee, leg and ego.

A cracking 38 miler with 1,880 ft of climbing and an average speed of 16.7mph, happy with that!

Robbie seemed to enjoy himself and I think we’ve got a new Member of the Whitelee Warriors! We’re growing in numbers, long may it continue!