Turbo Session

Haven’t been out on the road for several weeks now, first it was the ice preventing me getting out, then we had the snow. Once the snow had cleared we were hit with 90 mph winds to contend with!

The winds had died down so we were hoping to get out on Sat morning, well Davie Mullin and I were, the rest were either working or had prior engagement, or maybe they just didn’t want to go out with us…….. it’s a valid possibility!

Anyway the forecast for Sat was -2 and icy so Davie and I decided to wait until the morning to make the call as to whether or not we’d hit the road, hopefully not literally!

Sat morning, 8:30am, my alarm clock goes off and I pull my sorry ass out of bed and head downstairs and look out the window to be met with frosty and icy conditions! Arrrgggghh! At that moment Davie phoned me to say that it was icy down his way and that he’d just slipped and fell when out walking the dog so wasn’t too keen on heading out. Fair enough as the last time he went out when it was icy he face planted the tarmac not once but twice! I wasn’t too keen on heading out on the icy roads either as it’s no fun and having recently replaced my shifters I couldn’t afford to break the new ones.

So that was that, back to bed for a wee while then the guilt set in so I got back up and jumped on the turbo trainer doing the 50 minute 3LC Climbing dvd.

50 minutes and a lot of sweat later, I was finished and happy that I’d successfully completed the session without a mechanical which seems to be the norm for me this year!

Turbo Trainer
3 mins left of workout and Jamie’s expression say. “Is that it?” while I’m burst!

Some day I’ll get back out on the road, if the weather allows!