Turbo Tastic

It’s that time of the week again, Monday morning and that can only mean one thing…….. the first of this weeks 6am turbo sessions. That’s me back into the winter training since coming back from my holiday to Center Parcs where I ate and drank like a king!

The two weeks prior to my holiday I had beasted the turbo training sessions and now it continues.

Turbo trainer sessions are boring aren’t they, just sitting there spinning away with no aim or structure to the session, getting bored after 15 stationary miles! That’s not the case when you get tore into the 3LCTV turbo dvd’s! With four workouts to choose from, Climbing, Sprinting, Road Race and Time Trial there’s enough variety to keep you interested, or at least they keep me interested.

Using the 3LCTV turbo dvd’s provide a structured workout which flies in, before you know it your 50 or 60 min session is finished!

So which ones my favourite? Yes it may sound strange but I do enjoy my turbo workouts with the 3LCTV dvd’s, and the road race dvd is one of my favourites as it has a bit of everthing in it.

Each dvd compliments each other well and I do 4 sessions a week, one session of each dvd which mixes up the training and stops the boredom settling in.

So back to today’s session………. my alarm starts playing that annoying tune, really need to change the ringtone, signaling the start of this weeks turbo sessions. Believe me it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed at that time in the morning but once your up and a couple of minutes into the warmup you quickly wake up! Lol

The alarm went off and strangely I got up and out of bed with no resistance from my body, told you I love the 3LCTV turbo sessions! I headed downstairs leaving my wife and two boys still snuggled up in their respective beds giving it big Z’s. I always set the turbo up the night before so that in the morning all I need to do is jump on the bike and get tore into the session.

The chosen session for today was the Time Trial dvd. After beasting the 50 min session I was knackered and soaked in sweat, a sign that I’d worked hard during the session. With another session out the way it was time get a recovery drink in me and jump in the shower before packing away the turbo and bike for another day.

After I finish typing and publish this post I’ll be setting up the turbo for tomorrow’s session. At the moment it’s looking like I’ll be going for the Road Race dvd, determined to beat Cav in the final sprint!

Yes there are other Turbo trainer dvd’s out there, some that have real life footage and thumping soundtracks but that just doesn’t work for me! Doing my turbo sessions at 6am while the wife and kids are in their bed means I can’t have music thumping, not sure my neighbours would enjoy it either! As for the real life footage shown by other dvd’s, it doesn’t do it for me, when I pushing myself to the limit during training I ain’t watching the tele, I’m getting right into the zone and keeping an eye on my Garmin to check cadence, heart rate etc, so the 3LCTV dvd’s work for me, simples!

To be honest when I first came across the 3LCTV dvd’s I thought they were a little expensive and hummed and hawed about making that purchase but I’m glad I did. They cost the same as 3/4 gym classes so once you’ve used them 3 or 4 times they have paid for themselves!

I used them back in Jan and lost 2.5 stone, improving my health and fitness in the process, you can read about it and see for yourself in the blog post entitled Miracle Weight Loss Plan.

Time to finish up and set up the turbo for tomorrow’s session. In the meantime why don’t you give the 3LCTV turbo training dvd’s a shot, hey you never know you may end up addicted like me!