Turbo Trainer Built & Tested…….. Eventually!

After building, dismantling, building, dismantling and building my new turbo trainer I eventually got to try it out for the first time. Phoned Gilly after taking everything out the box and looking at all the parts, to get advice on how the unit fits together. Even after this I still had to dismantle it twice before I got it right! Exactly what Gilly said would happen! What was more worrying was the amount of screws, bolts, washer and o-rings that were left over at the end!

Did a quick 30 mins in the highest (hardest) gear at level 4 resistance maintaining my cadence between 70-75 rpm. I could have swam out the living room the amount of sweat that was on the floor after only 30mins!

I must admit I wasn’t sure how good a Turbo Trainer would be but I certainly felt as though I’d completed a decent workout.

Good thing is I can now jump on the Turbo Trainer for a session when the snow and ice outside doesn’t allow the road bike out to play.

My New Tacx Satori Pro Turbo Trainer