Usual Mid Week Pedal

It was Wednesday agin which could only mean one thing……. the usual mid week pedal.

I arrived back from my commute to work in enough time to slip into my lycra for the evening ride.

The mid week rides are getting more popular from the days when it was just myself, tonight we started with a squad of 7, Me, Asbo, Ricky, Davie, Chris, Wullie and new comer Ian Hockey. It was good to see so many out and leaving my house in a big group.

We headed round the usual Wed night route which was new to Wullie, Ian and Davie. We headed out to Langlands Industrial Estate, past the Sainsbury’s depot and headed for the climb that is Ardochrig! As we made our way up Ardochrig Davie appeared to be struggling a little which to be fair he hasn’t been out much since the Sportive. I sat pack with Davie to coach him up the hill and basically make sure he didn’t phone a taxi!

We reached the top of Ardochrig and Ricky, Asbo & Davie headed into the Wind Farm for some hardtail action while Chris, Ian, Wullie and I continued round the usual route dropping into Strathaven and up over the Crags before dropping back into East Kilbride via Auldhouse.

Personally I felt strong. What a difference spinning the hills instead of finding the highest gear possible! I now try to keep my cadence above 80rpm and boy has that made a difference!

It was a pleasure to meet up with Ian for the first time tonight and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Welcome to the group Ian!

Having chatted with Ian on the way round I discovered that he’s in training for an Iron Man event in Nottingham (I’m sure he said Nottingham). Now this event involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cyle followed by a marathon!!! Any one of those events on it’s own is a challenge never mind doing them one after another!

I’m sure Ian will tell us more about the event and how he gets on.

Covered 23.19 miles with an average speed of 14.2mph, not bad after a 15 mile round commute to and from work.