Usual Wed Night Pedal

Having completed a tough, hilly and windy 58 miles on Sat and resting Sun, Mon & Tues,. I was looking forward to getting back on the bike being fresh…… Mmmm didn’t quite work out that way!

That fly Chris Hunter swapped his Saturday legs with mine when I wasn’t looking! Cheers for that Chris! Lol

Having tried to get people to give some input into the custom kit design and colours without much success, Gilly and Chris turn up in matching HTC kits! Looks like they went ahead and sorted things out themselves! Lol

We met at mine as per the norm and set off on the usual route. In attendance today was Myself, Chris, Gilly and Ian. We set off at a fairly decent pace and even early on my legs gave indications that this wasn’t going to be a ride in the park.

This was confirmed when we hit the climb up Ardochrig and I got spat out the back big time! I made it up Ardochrig but it was a slog! My legs had nothing to give which was strange as I hadn’t been out since Sat so should have been fresh!

I Continued on round the route struggling to keep up with the pace and was glad is was a 23 miles route and not Sat’s 58 miles route!

Legs felt heavy for no apparent reason but it’s another 23 miles under the belt. Couldn’t fault the company once I’d managed to catch up with them, or should I say once they slowed down for me! Lol

Oh well tomorrow’s another day.

Mmm I wonder who I’ll pass the heavy legs onto next………..