Valentine’s Day

O what a Valentine’s day
The sun was out and the snow had been melted away
The porridge went in and the Lycra went on
I jumped on my bike and I was gone
Met up with my father in law for a wee 45 mile
How did I look with my new kit, one word style

Right that’s enough of the valentine’s poem let’s talk cycling.

David had asked me if I fancied a cycle and I jumped at the chance as I have been struggling to get out between the weather and kids and work. Took my new whitelee warriors kit out the bag today and layered up. It looked clean and crisp and I looked a bit like a pro. Its a shame I had to put two jackets over it to keep warm.

We took off at 10 and headed out to Strathaven. The wind was strong and driving the rain into our faces but we plodded at a good pace only stopping to put on our rain capes before pushing onto the prison. At this point I realised I felt really strong for not being out for a couple of weeks and was enjoying the climbs toward the boundary. We stopped to take in some food at the boundary and I tried out my free gift from one of the cyclist in work ( Graham wood ), it was the SIS sports energy bar and it was testing my teeth and jaw to the limit. It was a solid brick and took me ten minutes to eat my way through it. Would not recommend them unless it was just that cold today my bar had frozen.

We doubled back looking forward to a strong tail wind but it never came as was now at our side. My father in law told me a saying many years ago and it has stuck with me. When ever we are doing anything that is tough he say “its character building” and I like the idea of that. We slipped into the side roads towards the airfields and passed the duck pond towards Auldhouse. Was starting to get wet through at this point and could feel the legs getting heavy so it was onto Jackton before heading home to Stewartfield.
Bike and clothes had to get hosed down before I could step in the door.

45 miles done on a very windy wet cold day. 15 mile an hour ave. The new kit stood up to a good test and it felt comfy.