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Beatson Cancer Charity LogoToday I made a visit to the Beatson to hand over £812.00 cash to Kirsty from the Beatson Cancer Charity.

I’ve visited the Beatson Cancer Centre on several occasions now and still it’s a mix of emotions as I walk through that door. Nervousness, sadness, happiness and proudness are just some of the emotions that run through my body and did so again today.

Nervousness – I can’t explain this one, I don’t know why, but I always feel nervous as I approach the building and enter the front door.

Sadness – My Uncle sadly lost his battle with cancer a few years ago and was a patient at the Beatson and also used the Beatson Cancer Charity services on the top floor and couldn’t speak highly enough of it, the staff and volunteers. I visited him while a patient in the centre and have also lost close family friends to cancer who’ve been treated and looked after at the centre, so this is why sadness is felt every time I pass through those doors.

Happiness – This may sound strange, strange that I feel happy when visiting a place where people are being treated and die on daily basis from the terrible disease that is cancer. The happiness comes from knowing I’m doing my wee bit to help, to help raise funds for such a wonderful charity, to help in a very small way to ease the pain from those suffering.

Proud – I feel proud of myself for all the work and fundraising I do for this wonderful charity, I feel proud of not just myself, but proud of the rest of the boys who help fundraise. The efforts we put in training for events in the good old Scottish weather!

I also feel proud, VERY proud that my dad was a Consultant Oncologist at the Beatson. My dad is a wonderful and caring person, just like my mum. It makes me proud that he has helped so many people help fight this terrible disease.

So there you go, a wee insight into the emotions running through my body as I walk through the doors.

After each visit, when I walk back out those doors I feel more determined to continue the fundraising and to hit new levels!

A huge thank you to all who’ve made a donation and supported us throughout the past four years.

Receipt for Cash handed in today.
Receipt for Cash handed in today.

Next event is this Sunday (26th July), the Tour of the Shire, 101 mile sportive. This will be a tough challenge as it covers over 6,000 feet of climbing and I’m sure we’ll be treated to good old traditional Scottish weather of wind and rain!

Please help us try and reach the £2k mark before Sunday. I’m sure you have some loose change kicking about, doesn’t matter how small the donation, it very quickly builds up and makes a huge difference to those battling this horrible disease!

Sadly we all know someone directly or indirectly who’s battling cancer, won their battle with cancer or sadly lost their battle with cancer.

Will you do your bit? I’ll certainly be doing my bit and will continue to fundraise for the Beatson Cancer Charity for as long as I can.



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  1. ian says:

    The work you guys are doing is excellent enjoy reading the posts keep it up lads

    1. Stu says:

      Thanks Ian. Glad you enjoy reading the posts.

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