Warriors Annual Visit to Spice

At last I’ve managed to sit down and get a write up done from our night out which was at Spice way back on the 22nd November! Seems that long ago now and Christmas is just around the corner.

The day started with a pedal, to burn some calories to offset what would inevitably be a calorie ridden evening through the intake of Indian food and alcoholic beverages. With a strong squad of 12 for the evenings entertainment I thought we may of had a strong trunout for the pedal, but that was not the case. Seems like several people have forgotten how to ride a bike. It’s OK Gilly you’re off the hook as you were working all weekend.

Stevie P and Robbie would be my fellow riding buddies for the morning. The distance was set at 27 miles, a quick blast over the Moors as I was on a time restraint as my boy Callum was the mascot for the Scotland v Tonga rugby match which kicked off at 2:30pm in Kilmarnock.

Forecast for the day was light rain, which considering the previous couple of days we’d had torrential rain, I was happy with that. Gail kept asking me if I was sure I had enough time for a pedal and be back in time for the rugby, of course I did as it was only over the Moors, a route that I’ve done once or twice before! Lol

Robbie and Stevie arrived at mine for 9am and we set off in the direction of the Eaglesham Moors. Remember that light showers forecast I was telling you about? Well that lasted till about 3 miles into the ride where the heavens opened and normal service was resumed with the rain. We were battered with heavy rain along the way and as we made our accent on the Moors we were treated to hailstones!

The heavy rain came and went the whole way through the ride. As we entered Eaglesham we swung a left heading for the Ford which turned out to be just passable with the heavy rain. Just over the Ford we were now on the backroads which were littered with small cuttings from the hedges. At this point I assured Steive and Ally that all would be fine as the thorns were soaked and therefore would be soft. That would come back to haunt me!

As we made our way through the cutting and onto the climb under the flyover, into the housing estate which sat adjacent to the Police Training College in Jackton, I felt a familiar bounce to the rear wheel. Yip you got it, I’d suffered a puncture! So the hedge cuttings were soft with the rain after all! As I was halfway up the climb I carried on slowly to the top where I shouted on Stevie and Ally. I think they both knew I had a puncture as they didn’t look back and kept going! After a couple more shouts they turned round and made their way back.

I have to say that at this point the rain was actually off, well that was until the second I propped the bike against a lampost and began removing the rear wheel, then the torrential rain started! All hands on deck, well Ally watched, Stevie replaced my inner tube and I……… well I twisted the CO2 cartridge to disperse the CO2 to inflate my tyre, sticking my gloves to the cold canister in the process. I know what you’re thinking, why was it Stevie that fixed my puncture while I took the glory with the CO2 canister? For that I have no answer, all I can say is that Stevie is good at what he does and has now officially become the team puncture repair guy!

Sods law that I haven’t, touch wood, had a puncture for nearly a year, yet the one time when I need to be back for a certain time I get one! Such is life!

With the puncture repaired we dropped Robbie off at his house and headed back to mice where I promptly left Stevie to jump in the shower and head out to the Rugby.

After a quick shower it was time to head straight to Kilmarnock for the rugby where Callum would be one of the mascots for the day. Scotland won the game comfortably and Callum had a great day. With the match out the way it was time to head back to the front entrance of the stadium where we were taken inside to await the players coming to sign autographs. We must’ve waited what seemed like an eternity, ok it wasn’t actually an eternity but time was amplified when you’re waiting to head back as you have the annual Warriors curry and beer night ahead of you! Thankfully I’d booked the table for 8pm and arranged to meet in the pub from 7pm onwards.

With the autograph signing out the way we headed back to the car and back to EK where we swung past the house. Gail and the boys waited in the car while I ran in and changed my top, treated myself to a wee squirt of deodorant and a splash of aftershave. Gail then dropped me off at the pub and I arrived at 7pm on the dot, the first one to arrive! It had been a busy day but now it was time to sit back and let my hair down while enjoying the odd sherbet or two and a curry.

Slowly but surely the boys filtered through the pub door. Stevie p, Robbie and myself all guilt free from our pedal earlier that morning. With a couple of pints down our necks to freshen our breath it was time to head round to Spice where we were met by Abby and his boy and presented with our usual warm welcome.

After a short time in the bar area with a drink Abby showed us to our table. At this point we had a guest appearance from Wardy and Billy who by the looks of it had been out celebrating their teams victory earlier on. For those of you who don’t know Wardy is the Manager of EK Thistle and Billy is his assistant. Never a dull moment when Wardy and Billy are involved! Great couple of guys and always welcome to join us!

Now that the meal was over, and what a meal it was, Abby presented me with their donation of £100 which all goes to the Beatson Cancer Charity. Then it was off to the bar area to kill some classic songs on the karaoke!

A great night was had by all, the food was immense and the hospitality was second to none as per usual. A huge thank you to Abby and his staff for the hospitality and for the very kind donation for our adopted charity.

As the bodies started to disperse, Ally, Stevie Haining and myself headed to catch a couple in the Village Inn. With last orders being called and then the inevitable chucking out it was time to call it a night and head home, arriving back home sometime between 1am and 2am.

So there you have it, nearly 2 weeks later and I’ve finished the blog! With the new year rapidly approaching I’m hoping to rope a few more people into writing blogs. Gilly used to be my side kick and I always enjoyed reading his take on events so hopefully we can persuade him to take to the keyboard again.

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