Weather of Two Halves!

Well today’s weather was definitely a case of two halves! Got up this morning and was met with clear skies and that big yellow/orange ball thing they call the sun in the sky……….. that would soon change!

Dropped Callum and school then set off for the 7.17 mile commute to work. I felt really good and kept a good speed and cadence up the climbs averaging 15.9mph with an average cadence of 90rpm.

I knocked 25 seconds off my PB and registered a new time of 27mins 01 secs! Well chuffed.

As I sat in work and the hours passed that big yellow/orange ball had completely disappeared and the big grey clouds had rolled in! 6pm and home time arrived and it was now pouring……… oh and I hadn’t packed my rain jacket! So off I set in my shorts and short sleeved jersey, to be fair it was still warm. It didn’t take long for my socks to become saturated and squelchy!

Never the less I felt really good on the way home and was pleased with my time considering I held back on the corners due to the heavy rain.

I arrived home having been sprinkled with a little precipitation!

Completed the 6.85 mile journey in 25.34 minutes with an average speed of 16.1mph and average cadence of 90rpm.