Wed 20th June

First day back at work after my father-in-law passed away and I decided to commute by bike, not holding out much hope for a decent performance as I’d been on the bevvy for the past 7 days! Decided to have a night off the Bevvy on Tuesday night but a friend popped in and before I knew it we had polished off 2 bottles of red wine between us!

Surprisingly I felt good on the commute to work in the morning at was just 4 secs off my PB to work!

Felt strong on the commute home too but didn’t push it hard as I was heading out for our usual Wed night pedal.

Having arrived home only 5 mins earlier, Ricky arrived for the usual Wed night pedal followed by Willie & Ian then Ally completing the nights squad. I felt strong and powered up Ardochrig with Ian, followed by Ally, Willie then Ricky.

We stopped for minute at the top for a quick chat before Ally & Ricky headed into the Windfarm for some MTB action. As we were waiting we were approached by a lady and a rescue  dog in training who was scared of cyclists so she asked if she could walk the dog around us a couple of times to show that cyclists aren’t that scary after all! Not quite sure that logic applies to our group of cyclists! Lol

All in all it was a great wee pedal in what turned out to be a lovely evening. Ian pointed out to us that since he’s started coming out with us on a Wed night it’s never rained! What a find our Ian was!

Pleased with the days miles!