Weekend Round Up 20/10 – 22/10

Just a quick blog post this time round as nothing much to report but here goes……….

Saturday 20th Oct
It’s down to Stevie Potter and myself to carry the flag for the Whitelee Warriors yet again as the others seem to be doing their best Josef Fritzl impressions and hiding themselves underground!

Anyway the weather was much more favorable today than it was last week, with no strong winds and no rain, so we decided to complete the same route as last week. The climb out of Eaglesham and up over the Moors was far easier this time round as we didn’t have the rain and wind battering us every step of the way.

We stopped at the usual wee cafe and Newmilns where a mere miracle happened……… I opened my wallet and paid for the food and drink! Thankfully Stevie still had his cycle helmet on when I broke the news that I would pay for it as the force he banged his head while hitting the ground from the shock of my revelation, he could have done some real damage!

Well I had treated myself to a new wallet that held my phone, cards and money so I had to try it out didn’t I? I was secretly hoping that the zip would be stuck securing my £20 note for another day, sadly it opened with ease!

46.74 miles completed with an average speed of 14.4mph.

Route: EK –> Eaglesham –> Eaglesham Moors –> Fenwick –> Kilmarnock –> Galston –> Newmilns –> Darvel –> Loudoun Hill –> Ardochrig –> Auldhouse –> EK

Full ride stats and route can be found here.

Sunday 21st Oct
Callum had his rugby training in the morning then a golf lesson in the afternoon. After his golf lesson he wanted to go out on his bike so we cycled to granny’s for our tea, 1 mile there and 1 mile back! Was very impressed with Callum managing the route as he’s just got his stabilizers off. It’s the first time in ages that I’ve had the mountain bike out the shed. I stuck the Garmin on……. it may only have been one mile there and one mile back but I was claiming those miles! Every mile counts and all that!

The only problem I found was that with Callum being a lot smaller he didn’t offer much protection from the wind as I stuck to his wheel the whole way there and back!

Myself and the future members of the Whitelee Warriors
Myself and the future members of the Whitelee Warriors

Monday 22nd Oct
I decided to join Gail at a new class that was starting at Alison Lea called Metafit as I’m looking to lose some weight and improve my cardio to improve my hill climbing. The class is only 30 mins long but boy did it give me a workout! My poor legs are still aching today so tomorrow’s mid week ride could be interesting. I committed to a four class block to give it a proper try but already I can see that it works the muscles and heart!