Weekly Round Up

Wednesday 21st March

With most of the boys still pounding their livers and the slopes of Austria it was just little old me for a wee cheeky 25 miler on Wednesday.

As it was a lovely night I decided to treat the world to my lovely legs again, while completing my usual Wednesday night route.

Very pleased with the pedal as I averaged 16mph and felt strong and fit.

Saturday 24th March

Got a text from Alan on Thursday saying that he was heading to Prestwick and back (70 miles) on Sat if I fancied joining him? He was doing this with 3 guys he’d befriended at the gym! oo er! But these weren’t just any old guys, theses were tri-athletes! Unfortunately I was unable to join them.

Last night (Fri) I got a call from Chris Hunter who I’d only ever spoken to via email or text before. He was seeing if we were going out for a pedal today (Sat) and that if it would ok to join us? The answer to that was “Of Course!” I arranged to meet him at the entrance to Calderglen Park at 8.50am then we’d head to Langlands to meet Scott.

Sat morning arrives and my alarm clock wakes me at 7am, so I head downstairs for some breakfast and to see what the weather was doing. It felt very mild so I opted for the the shorts, base layer, cycle jersey and fingerless gloves. I only made it to the next street and turned back to get the full fingered gloves and Gilet on! It was very foggy but I was sure the sun was going to burn through.

I arrive at Calderglen at the exact same time as Chris and introduce myself. It was good to put a face to the name. We then set off and head for Langlands to meet Scott. Suprise suprise we arrive at Langlands and Scott was nowhere to be seen! The usual text message saying he’ll be there in 5 mins arrives in my inbox. About 10 mins later Scott arrives and then announces that he’s forgotten his cycle shoes! While Scott bombs it back down the road for his shoes Chris and I decide to do a couple of 1 mile loops around the industrial estate to pass the time. Scott re-appears and we set off up and over Ardochrig. The climb over Ardochrig was not that bad today as we couldn’t see the top for the fog! Scott dropped off the pace as we climbed the Rig, but that was to be expected as he was on his mountain bike and Chris and I were on our road bikes, Chris having only acquired his 2 weeks previously from Gilly’s boy Denny who hardly made it into double figures on it! Scott’s chain slipped off twice on the climb, hence why he dropped back so far.

After Ardochrig we head for Strathaven, stopping at the newsagents while Scott jumps in for some chocolate bars. Thanks again for that Scott, honestly I will buy you a chocolate bar some time! From here we set off for Dungavel with Chris swinging a left and heading home as he was working in the afternoon.

Scott and I headed on past Dungavel and to what is know as the Boundary, the sign welcoming us to Ayrshire. It was at this point that the sun starting to appear and it stated getting pretty warm.

After stopping for five to refuel on liquids and chocolate bars we headed back, retracing our tracks back to Strathaven. We arrived at the traffic lights at Strathaven, with 3 cars in front of me and a group of cyclists in front the the cars. It was at this point that one of the cyclists turned round and it was Alan and his new found tri-athlete friends!

Alan and the tri-athletes headed straight on while Scott and I swung a left and headed back over the back roads and into East Kilbride, stopping at Langlands to collect Scott’s van. From here I left Scott and headed home racking up 45 miles with an average speed of 13.6mph

All in all it was another good pedal and great to meet Chris. Felt strong and fit again today although the pace was not that fast but still felt good. Scott’s heart wasn’t really in it today, think he became a little disheartened with roadies passing by him all the time, but fair play to him he completed the full distance!

The rest of the boys got back today and I’ve still to find out what kind of nick and shape they are in! While they have been away playing with snowballs I’ve been out training hard!