Weekly Round Up

Been a busy week so I haven’t had the chance to get my blogs done from the weeks rides so here we go.

The past 4 weeks I’ve been battering in the early morning turbo sessions, 6am starts, much to Gail’s dismay as the dull humming noise filters it’s way up the stairs and rings in her ears as she’s trying to sleep! I must admit I’m actually enjoying getting up at 6am and battering into my 3LC turbo dvds, and I’m certainly noticing the difference while on the road.

So last Wednesday was what appears to be the norm at the moment, and just Stevie Potter and myself carrying the flag and representing the Warriors. Not really too much to say about this run except that it was bloody cold! My Garmin registered -3.2 at one point and the wind chill could have cut you in two! All went well with the pedal and I felt strong as I tore into Ardochrig, climbing at a faster pace than usual, mainly thanks to the turbo sessions. Due to a slight diversion at Langlands because of road closures the mileage was 24.64

Saturday’s pedal was a replica of Wednesday in the body count and personnel front. Gilly opted to work overtime to keep his family fed, watered and a roof over their heads instead of representing the Warriors…… what’s that all about, we’re his family now! Lol

Chris was on babysitting duties much to his dismay, while Willie opted to keep on the right side of his father-in-law and went out with him. Ian was away at Loch Lomond celebrating his Wedding Anniversary, “Don’t come a knockin when this room is a rockin!“. đŸ˜‰

Asbo, Ricky and Davie were hitting the Cathkin Braes MTB Trail on the Sunday, which I’m sure we’ll read about shortly once they get their blog written!

Anyway enough of the excuses and back to Saturday’s pedal. I phoned Stevie early Sat morning as I tried ringing him the night before and couldn’t get through, was just wanting to confirm that he was heading out, which to be fair was a stupid question! Stevie’s name comes pre-printed on the team sheet each week.

I managed to get a hold of Stevie and since it was just the two of us he suggested that I head over to his for a change, which I duly agreed upon. I packed up my gear, got my bike out the shed then went to the car only to remember that I had a slow puncture and had to pump the tyre up before heading out to Stevie’s in Stonehouse. As I left East Kilbride and headed towards Strathaven the snow started coming on fairly heavy and by the time I arrived at Stevie’s it was on a fair whack.

We got kitted up and head off into the freezing, snowy conditions knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I warmed up as Stevie doesn’t do flat routes! Today was no exception! We managed a 38 mile hilly cycle in the snowy conditions with a wind that would cut right through you.

Willie managed a 52 mile cycle with his father-in-law barely able to feel his fingers and toes in the arctic conditions! He duly commented on the fact that Stevie and I only managed an average speed of 12.4 mph! Not quite sure how we managed that! Must have been chatting too much, well that and the climbs!

All in all it was a good week between the turbo session and the arctic pedals. Definitely feeling stronger and loving my new Garmin Edge 810 and the live tracking feature as Gail was watching it on Wednesday and had my tea ready for me coming home as she could see where I was! Result!

Hoping for a warmer pedal this Wed but weather forecast not suggesting it will be.

Looking forward to reading Ricky, Asbo and Davie’s account of their visit to the Cathkin Braes MTB Trail