Weekly Round Up

Wednesday 29th February

Ally managed to get away from work early and fired round to mine for 6.45pm where we set off for a 25 mile cycle around the roads of East Kilbride. We followed our usual Wed night route which took in St.Leonards, the Kingsway, Castlemilk road, Carmunock, Stewartfield, Calderwood, Langlands Industrial Estate, Greenhills, Stroud road then back into St.Leonards to my place.

Things didn’t start too well for me as I had to stop after only a couple of miles to take a few puffs of my inhaler, or opium pipe as Ally calls it! After a few puffs of the inhaler I was feeling good again and felt strong on the ride.

Ally found the 25 miles a struggle, he had heavy legs and just couldn’t loosen them off.

Saturday 3rd March

Gail broke the news to me on Thursday night that she had a hair appointment on Sat so that ruled out a Sat morning pedal for me. After sending text messages to the boys on Fri night to see if anyone was free for a pedal on the sun I was looking at a lonely 40 mile Sunday cycle myself. After explaining to her that all the boys were heading out on the Sat she suggested that I contact my sister and see if she was available to babysit her two nephews. After a quick call all was sorted and I was heading out with the boys after all.

I awoke at 7.30am and heading downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal then heading back up to get kitted up for meeting the boys at 9.30am. I left the house at 9.20am and headed to the entrance of Calderglen to meet the rest of the boys. As I arrived Gilly and Alan arrived followed by Willie a couple of secs later. Within 30 secs Ally, Ricky and Davie had also joined us and the welcome formalities took place.

We then set off on the route Ricky had planned out, heading up Strathaven road to the roundabout where Ricky and Davie who had set off a few secs earlier than everyone else went right. The rest of us shouted at them to carry straight on but by then it was too late, we were now in 2 groups!

We continued up Strathaven road with myself taking the lead and with my head down I soon created a sizable gap between myself and the rest of the field, unintentionally. I then slowed down to allow the chasing pack to catch up and we then swung a right onto Millwell road where we stopped as Gilly was going to give Ricky a phone to see where to meet them. It was at this point that I turned round and saw Ricky and Davie behind us, Davie wasn’t looking a happy chappy and this was confirmed when he spat the dummy and let loose on a trayant of abuse calling us all the names under the sun! Boy did he spit the dummy! He wasn’t the only to spit the dummy today but we’ll come to that later.

After Davie had finally finished his rant and several of us has told him to calm down we carried on our way along Millwell road heading towards the turn for Ardochrig. Again I had psyched myself up for the steep climb ahead and again we by passed the turn.

Basically we did the usual Darvel route but in reverse which was interesting tackling it from a different angle. We arrived in Eaglesham and swung a left at the traffic lights heading towards the Moors and at this point Ally showed that whatever he was suffering from on Wed was no way to be seen as he ripped that first climb apart as tho it didn’t exist! Even a couple of workies at the side of the road commented on the speed he was climbing the hill. It may have had something to do with the fact that Willie shouted, “Last one to the top of Eaglesham Moors shares a room with Pebble on Ricky’s stag do!” You couldn’t see Ally for dust!

It was an interesting climb over the Moors in reverse but good to tackle it from the other side. At the end of the Eaglesham Moors we crossed the road onto the A77 then onto the A719 heading for Waterside. From there we dropped into Moscow then into Loudoun which was nice to be descending that double hill instead of climbing it!

We then headed into Darvel and along the Main street and this is where the 2nd dummy was spat! At one point along Darvel Main Street Alan and I were at the back and actually thought we were pedalling backwards we were going so slow! We pull in at the side of the road to get some energy bars and gels into our system and Willie brings out his picnic! All he was missing was the tartan blanket! This is where Gilly spat the dummy and started on his rant. He started shouting and complaining that we were only going at 5mph at one point and that the pace was too slow, which to be fair it was. Alan and I looked and each other and couldn’t quite work out Gilly’s rant as he was lead bike at that point! Lol

We head on up Loudoun and stopped off at the Loudoun visitor centre and cafe where we were served with one of the dourest guys I have ever met, well a close second after Pebble! It seemed a hassle for him that we had arrived at his near empty cafe and tried to spend some money in the place! To be honest it was hard to spend money in that place as he didn’t have a thing in it, no cakes or chocolate, just tea and coffee!

After finishing our drinks we headed back up the hill towards Ardochrig and back to East Kilbride via Auldhouse totalling 46 miles.

All in all it was another great day with a good squad of us and good performances all round. King of the Hill jersey without a doubt went to Ally who tore ALL the hills apart on his hardtail with nobbly tyres and trainers!

Weather started off poor as we were hit with winds and soaked by a downpour but as we hit Ayrshire we were met with sunshine, YES you DID hear that right it was sunny in Ayrshire!

Again I felt strong which is good considering the 65 mile Sportive is only 6 weeks away!