Wet & Windy 48 Miler

On Saturday we decided to get a 50 miler in the bank, or at least that was the plan. With an 8:30am start from Gilly’s I awoke to the dulcet tones from my alarm clock. 7am……. what am I thinking, it’s the weekend after all! I may be crazy but it’s all for a good cause, the Beatson Cancer Charity.

With the Pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 110 miler Sportive only 3 weeks away it was imperative I got some miles in, despite the weather. As I looked out the kitchen window with a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in my hand I was met with a very wet, windy and dreary sight. It was a wild one out there and it was going to be a toughie!

I text Gilly just to confirm that we were still going and he replied back telling me to Man Up. I replied that I would be heading out and that I was double checking. With that I informed him that I was currently putting my stab-proof vest on and looking out my rape alarm as I would be crossing over into the Ghetto know as Hamilton. Gilly informed me that it was alright, he would look after me. Momentarily I felt safe and comfortable again, then the colour quickly drained out my face as the sudden realisation as to why they called Gilly Sir Cliff hit me!

Stevie Potter arrived at mine around 8am and got kitted up and off we set into the Ghetto in the wind and rain. With barely a few crank rotations, and little time to warm up we hit the the wee bugger of a climb up Newhousemill Road, just over the Hamilton back road bridge. Surprisingly we tamed the beast with relative ease, despite my breakfast sitting nicely in my stomach threatening to reappear with any sign of hard effort! Really need to get up that wee bit earlier so that it settles in future.

Arriving at Gilly’s there’s one noticeable element missing……. Gilly! A short time later he appears round the corner is Corrine’s car looking a little stressed out. Long story short he’d went to pick up his boy from the train station and train was delayed.

Chris then appears from the house next door looking like someone who’s just raided the Rapha sale rail. Gilly reappears and is kitted out in his new Rapha togs too! Looked like a bloody Rapha photoshoot! Lol

We head off with the plan of heading to the Campsies, with Chris planning to turn back early as he was on a time restraint. We work well together along the way, each taking a ¼ mile on the front. As we arrive onto Lindsaybeg Road and onto the flyover the M80 we decide to pull into the side to assess our plans. Looking at the Campsies, or where the Campsies should be, we see nothing apart from dark angry clouds which are brewing up a storm. After a group discussion, we’re very diplomatic like that, we decide to turn back, away from the storm.

We make our way back through Coatbridge and Bellshill back into Hamilton where we stop in Strathclyde Park to wave Chris off on his homeward journey before deciding what to do ourselves. We were at the 30 odd mile mark and decided to head into Larkhall and Glassford before hitting Strathaven Road and onto Muttonhole Road where we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Gilly swung a right at the end of Muttonhole Road while Stevie and I swung a left heading back to East Kilbride. The minute we turned off Muttonhole Road we were battered by galeforce winds, the strongest they’d been all day, and they had been strong all day! We really had to work hard to keep the bike moving!

Arriving back over the Bridge at the foot of the Hamilton back road I clocked the Garmin which was reading 47.6 miles. I asked Stevie if he wanted to do a 2 mile loop to bring the total up to 50 miles but having felt the pace he declined my kind offer, so back to mine we went.

All in all it was a cracking wee 48 miler despite the efforts of the wind and rain trying to make us miserable. I felt strong and was happy with my climbing on the day. Chain slipped a couple of times as it’s worn so ordered a new one today.

As we set off at 8:15am the roads started out quiet and what traffic we did see generally gave us a wide berth when passing. That all changed at 10:30am when it appeared all the arsehole drivers had awoke and jumped in their cars! The worst being when the four of us were cycling in single file with the road ahead clear, some idiot decided to fly past us at crazy speed with just inches between us! He was met with an impromptu barrage of not so family friendly words from the four of us!

Another couple incidents involved impatient drivers who decided to overtake on a blind bend into oncoming cars! I’m seriously considering purchasing one of those sports cameras to start recording these idiots. Apart from that it was a really enjoyable ride, only fellow cyclists will understand how 48 miles in galeforce winds and heavy rain can be enjoyable!

Heavy Rain and Galeforce Winds makes for a Happy Warrior!
Heavy Rain and Galeforce Winds makes for a Happy Warrior!

I finally got round to signing up for the Pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 110 mile Sportive. So that’s me officially doing it now. If we get the same weather as we had on this ride or last Saturday for the Graeme Obree Sportive it’s going to be one very tough and long day!

Other good news is that we’ve now reached our target of £2,300.00 for the Beatson Charity! As much as we’re very proud and delighted to match last years total we ain’t finished yet! We’re hoping that you can dig deep into your pockets one last time this year and make a real difference to those fighting Cancer. I’ve visited the Beatson Cancer Centre twice now to see the wonderful work they do, meet the staff and see where our fundraising money goes and how it makes a difference.

You can make a donation using one of the following methods:

  1. Hand donation to a member of our team, all of whom have official Sponsor forms
  2. Online via our JustGiving Page
  3. Via text – Text WWBC77 £xx (donation amount) to 70070 text-donation

  4. Stu