What A Lovely Weekend

The Sunday Line-upWelcome Davie. You know it makes sense.

Shaun Cresting The Rig

Saturday 22nd September.
With many of the lads working / watching the weans etc. I met up with Shaun at 9.15am at Muttonhole Rd. It was a crisp fresh blue skied autumn morning and I was wondering if I had chosen the right clothing as I was pretty hot after the climb up the hill. We discussed possible routes and headed back along Muttonhole Rd to Strathaven Rd. We then climbed up to Chapelton and down to Millwell Rd. Ahh Millwell Rd, that lovely smooth ribbon of tarmac that all other roads aspire to become. We headed up the Ardochrig to enjoy some beautiful views in perfect visibility as we caught our breath at the top and had a quick drink.

We then followed the usual Wednesday night route past the airfield and skirting Strathaven before dropping back down onto Millwell Rd. Ahh Millwell Rd. From there we retraced our steps back towards Chapelton and cut down to Muttonhole Rd via the Brown Soils side. We said our goodbyes as Shaun peeled off towards Chez McGlaughlin.
The stats read 31 miles, 14.7 mph average and 1258 feet climbed. A nice wee pedal on a beautiful morning and the perfect way for Shaun to square himself up after a few glasses of vino the night before. Overall the clothes selection was about right as I felt fairly comfortable all day.

Sunday 23rd September 2012.
Well, I have had a weekend of witnessing unbelievable sights. Firstly Corinne and I witnessed some space debris burning up on entry to the stratosphere on Friday night and then on Sunday morning I witnessed an even more remarkable vision of a lycra clad David Mullin who was about to burn up around Dungavel. Davy arrived at my house proudly holding the reigns of his new steed, a Giant Defy road bike. Welcome from the dark end of the street, to the bright side of the road, Davy. Today it was my turn to have to blow some cobwebs off a hangover. What I had intended being a quiet night ended up with a bottle of Talisker being finished before a Glenmorangie was sampled. Alarm set at 3.40 am for 8am and I was not best impressed when it went off very noisily.

We set off for a Muttonhole Rd rendezvous with big Stu and the moment of our arrival was filmed for posterity, and big Stu’s blog, being such a momentous occasion. Again potential routes were discussed and we set off for Glassford via Limekilburn. It was another beautiful morning and possibly slightly warmer than yesterday. We dropped from Glassford to Sandford and continued south, picking up the Muirkirk Rd. We got a half mile through and off going at this point which worked pretty well. It grew to a four man chain gang at one point when we passed a guy who tagged along for a bit but he disappeared after 5 mins or so. We went as far as the Glenlavel Reservoir, where we stopped for 5 mins and took a couple of photos. I had a quick pedal on Davie’s new mistress, a cheeky wee ride.

We made some adjustments to his saddle height and pitch and set off back towards Strathaven. From there it was back through Chapelton, Brown Soils and home. Davie was delighted with his first pedal for a wee while and the new bike was well tested on its inaugural outing.
Stats were 37 miles 13.7 mph average 1723 feet climbed.

Good month, so far I’ve managed 400 miles although the weather doesn’t look too favourable for the next wee while. Now where’s that turbo trainer. One advantage of burning all these calories is that you can indulge in replacing them. Apologies for the pictures being all at the start but the site doesn’t seem to be behaving too well tonight. Need to have a word with someone. 🙂